Oral health is very important for the general health of the body, and is much more than nice teeth. The Dentistry Clinic at American Hospital Clinics provides specialist dental care to people of all ages.


We offer comprehensive dental care to both adults and children. Using the latest technology and unremitting quality improvement, our dedicated experienced Doctor adopts a multidisciplinary approach to provide personalized, high quality dental care based on international treatment protocols.


Our primary aim is to provide all patients with pain-free dental treatment. With a friendly and inviting atmosphere, our focus is on ensuring patient satisfaction, comfort and aftercare.


The services are:

White aesthetic fillings

Fixed and movable restorations ( veneers, ceramic and zircon crowns)

Surgical extraction of deep impacted wisdom teeth

Dental implants procedures and bone grafting

Surgical Gum treatments

Root canal treatments

Pedodontic treatments

Teeth cleaning and bleaching

Dr. Georges Nabil Haddad


Oral Surgeon

Lic# D400




+974 4442 1999

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