The services are:





Patient consultations and physical examinations

Diagnoses and Treatment of illnesses

Communicate with other health care professionals

and/or hospitals

Performing procedure, includes but are not limited to the following :

- intravenous therapy,

- splintage and other similar procedures.



Ordering intravenous medication

Discharging or transferring patients After Supervisor Doctor Order.

Discussing serious prognosis in detail with the patient

Write Medico-legal reports if necessary

Dr. Fathia Mudather Elmardi


General Practitioner

Lic # P4799


Dr. Khadra Abdulla Mohamed


General Practitioner

Lic # P6157



Dr. Khalid Labadi


General Practitioner

Lic # P7332




Dr. Nezar Hosny Haffaz Allam


General Practitioner

Lic # P6575




Dr. Nichols Mutuc Bolintiam


General Practitioner, Orthopedic

Lic # P10169





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