The Pediatric Clinic at American Hospital Clinics offers the best child care. The department provides comprehensive care starting from preventive care to guidance for life skills for infants and children.


We offer services to the children with various medical conditions such as infections, organic diseases and dysfunctions, genetic defects etc.


As a team we work closely with other departments, the Department of Gynecology, to ensure the safest, most effective and compassionate care is provided to our young patients.


The services are:


Follow up growth for children

Treatment of infections diseases

Treatment of urinary and digestive diseases in children

Treatment of respiratory diseases

and asthma

Treatment of urinary incontinens

Treatment of chronic constipation

and diarrhea


Periodic examination before the

start of study

Examination of newborns

Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Teiba


Pediatric Specialist

Lic # P6596



+974 4442 1999

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